Life in a Yurt

You don't have to sacrifice luxury and comfort to enjoy the great outdoors in our eco sustainable camping!

Yurts were the dwellings of choice for nomads in Central Asia. Covered in felt made from the nomad’s flock and supported with lattice on the outside, yurts have thicker walls than tents and are remarkably durable.

A yurt just made sense!

Our custom made yurts are situated on raised wooden platforms and have insulated canvas walls.

Either electric or wood fired stoves in each yurt will warm you beyond belief and you will have the door open more often to let in a bit of cool air.

Cleverly engineered, a yurt’s structure makes use of the forces of tension, gravity and compression.

They can withstand heavy snow loads, high winds and earthquakes. They are also economical to heat.

At Inch Hideaway effort has been put into making the

yurts  tucked away but still part of the communal space.

Each one has a private garden and extra space if you

wish to put up a conventional tent beside the yurt.

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